Learn how Bryant Brown’s healthcare marketing specialists creatively use SEO and SEM to increase CTRs and conversions--and maximize ROI.
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Assuring your website clicks

We’re always amazed. We continually run audits of our own website to check keyword relevancy, make sure no links are broken—that kind of thing. Website housekeeping, if you will.


But—shhhh—we also run audits of our competition. And frequently, even though they probably recommend this same practice to their clients—they don’t do it for themselves! So much for practicing what you preach.


We can’t stress enough the importance of SEO (search engine optimization). Because an optimized site will increase your visibility and awareness to your target audience and drive traffic to your website.


Following are some of the SEO services we perform:


•  Technical site audit: we review 100+ factors related to site structure, content, and crawlability to identify challenges and opportunities to improve search engine visibility

•  Remediation consulting: we resolve any technical challenges, set up Webmaster tools (Google, Bing), if needed, and create and implement XML search engine sitemaps

•  Keyword research and competitive set analysis: we want to understand the keywords you should be using—and the ones your competition are using. Knowing relevant keywords is also important in the creation of content

•  SEO best practices creation and implementation: on-site optimization of your web pages, including metadata (including titles, descriptions, and keywords), URLs, page copy, and multimedia (videos, images, etc.), plus optimization of links and graphics and implementation and recommendations for rich text markup optimization


SEM services

SEM (search engine marketing) is the culmination of the above research and findings. Through paid search, social advertising, and retargeting strategies, the purpose is to capture traffic and lead inquiries from a larger percentage of people looking for the services you provide. Here’s what we deliver:


•  Ad platform strategy and management: targeting capabilities and features differ across ad platforms. We develop a strategy to support marketing and advertising across such platforms as Google, Bing, LinkedIn, and Facebook

•  Active management and campaign optimization: this includes ad platform set up with tracking, ad writing of multiple ad variations and creating a testing program, ongoing keyword research, bid management, and optimization, remarketing list strategy, and much more

•  Display and retargeting strategy: based on user behavior and audience preferences



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