Learn how Bryant Brown’s team of healthcare marketers apply their proven process to create memorable names for companies, brands, and services.
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Company, Product, and Service Naming

A proven process for creating ownable options

At Bryant Brown, we’ve created a proprietary process to make naming more positive and productive. We call it the “5 S Test.”


1. Sell

The name must be on strategy. It must reflect the brand positioning and strategic direction of the organization.


2. Say

Is the name easy to pronounce? If it’s unwieldy, it’s doomed.


3. Spell

It’s on strategy and you can say it, but do you have to spell it every time? That gets annoying quickly.


4. Smell

Okay, so the name is strategic, pronounceable, and doesn’t have to be spelled every time. Is it good? Or does it stink? You can say it, but can you say it with a straight face and without embarrassment?


5. Search

Copyrighting is the final test. A name can meet all of the above criteria, but if your legal counsel can’t secure clearance, you can’t proceed safely.


Following are just a few of the many brand names we’ve created for clients:

Logos created by Bryant Brown Healthcare for various healthcare companies

Want to learn more about our naming process and the “5 S Test”? Check out our recent blog post on naming.

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