Our Process
Learn how Bryant Brown’s proven process for healthcare marketing strategic planning can help promote your brand to professionals and consumers.
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Our Process

Define. Do. Measure.
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step 01 DEFINE

Our first step is to learn how you promote your brand.


We analyze:


  • Your marketing plan
  • Your current communications tactics in all media
  • Your competitions’ communication tactics


We also conduct extensive literature searches and other forms of secondary research. And as feasible and appropriate, primary research: focus groups, in-depth interviews, online surveys.


Our goal: understand the drivers of your market, how you segment your customers and influencers, and the key messages you express to communicate your position.

step 02 DO

Once we’ve defined our objectives, our next step is to do. We deliver a comprehensive strategic healthcare communications plan detailing:


  • Segmentation of your target audience
  • The overarching umbrella positioning of your brand
  • The positioning of your brand tailored to each target audience
  • Your messaging platform, specific to each audience
  • Your brand concept—creating a memorable, powerful brand that differentiates you from everyone else and that provides the foundation to unify all communications


Once the strategic plan is in place, we craft the tactical plan. Audience by audience, the plan describes the communications that will convey your positioning to your targets. For each tactic, the plan includes a description of what it is, when it should be implemented, how much it costs, and how it delivers ROI. As healthcare marketing consultants, our recommendations encompass advertising, public relations, and education, and span all media: digital, print, video, and “event marketing.”

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step 03 MEASURE

We continuously monitor the strategic and tactical plans to evaluate effectiveness and ROI. Each tactic has a goal. And while all tactics share the loftier goal of enhancing your brand image—a sometimes unquantifiable perception—each also has measures of interactivity: exposure, engagement, and action.


Beyond the metrics that we build into each tactic – a dedicated URL, a unique phone number, a link, a download, a signup, or other measurable interactivity – we also conduct market research to assess metrics. We implement interviews, focus groups, and surveys to measure:


  • Awareness
  • Understanding
  • Relevance
  • Esteem

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