Our Healthcare Marketing Process
Learn how Bryant Brown’s proven process for healthcare marketing strategic planning can successfully promote your brand to professionals and consumers.
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Our Healthcare Marketing Process

Discover. Define. Plan. Deliver. Measure. Refine.

Here’s how we arrive at a solution that differentiates your brand and distinguishes your communications to all audiences in all media.


For many clients, our team of medical marketing specialists implements all steps in this process. Other clients engage us once the first one or more steps have been completed. We are flexible and ready to help at any phase.

step 01 DISCOVER

This is the research phase. We conduct 3 forms:


•  Market research with your customers, prospects, and influencers: surveys, focus groups, one-on-one interviews

•  Research with your internal stakeholders: leadership, sales team members, product development specialists, customer service representatives… anyone with valuable insights into your market, product, and target audiences

•  Extensive online secondary research into you, your market, and your competitors


Beyond research, we derive insights from the decades of experience our team members have in all aspects of healthcare advertising—on both the client side and agency side. For example, our team includes one of the most experienced marketers in the device and diagnostics industries, with a proven track record at start-ups as well as industry titans.


Our goal: understand the drivers of your market, how you segment your customers and influencers, and the key messages you express to communicate your position.

step 02 DEFINE

We define your:


•  Brand attributes

•  Market dynamics, challenges, and opportunities

•  Audience demographics and psychographics

•  Key competition

step 03 PLAN

We prepare a plan detailing your:


•  Target audience segments

•  Campaign messages

•  Campaign concept

•  Recommend tactics

•  Recommend media


Here again, if feasible, we conduct market research to assess customers’ responses to messages and concepts—with sample sizes that can range from thousands to a handful.

step 04 DELIVER

We create omnichannel campaigns containing tactics in all media:


•  Programmatic advertising

•  Email

•  Videos, TV spots, and radio spots

•  Out-of-home promotions

•  Experiential marketing

•  Print materials

step 05 MEASURE

After implementing your campaign, we:


•  Analyze metrics built into each tactic to track response at touchpoints

•  Conduct research again, if feasible, to measure market awareness, recall, and perceptions of your brand and campaign

step 06 REFINE

Learnings from the metrics drive continuous improvement and actions to:


•  Modify strategic and media plans

•  Adjust or create new tactics

•  Explore more ways to promote your brand 

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