Learn how Bryant Brown’s healthcare marketing specialists use metrics and key performance indicators to measure the success of your campaign.
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Metrics & KPIs

A greater measure of assurance

As a full-service medical marketing agency, we continuously monitor the implementation of the strategic and tactical plans to evaluate effectiveness and ROI.


Each tactic has a goal. And while all tactics share the loftier goal of enhancing your brand image – a sometimes unquantifiable perception – each also has measures of interactivity: exposure, engagement, and action.


Digital advertising offers the greatest opportunity for tracking and measuring the success of a campaign. And if the campaign is not succeeding, revisions and refinements can be made instantly to correct the course.


However, print and broadcast advertising also should include a variety of built-in metrics.


Quantitative key performance indicators (KPIs) of your marketing campaign may include:


•  Website interaction: consumption, engagement, conversion

•  Social media engagement: lookers, likers, followers, forwarders

•  Affinity group signups

•  Ad campaign metrics: phone calls, web page visits, business reply cards

•  Email metrics

•  Conference attendance

•  Webinar metrics

•  PR pickup


KPIs that encompass both quantitative and qualitative aspects may include:


•  Media engagement: reliance on your brand spokespeople for interviews, expert opinions, participation in panel discussions, and other activities

•  Results of market research of your customers and other audiences

•  Anecdotal reporting by your sales representatives and other company personnel


Your success depends on the outcome of your KPIs. Same with us – our reputation rests on our results. We welcome the opportunity to prove to you just how effective our work can be on behalf of your brand.

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