VEP Healthcare
Bryant Brown’s healthcare marketing specialists created a microtargeted programmatic ad campaign that helped VEP Healthcare draw big crowds at conferences.
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VEP Healthcare

Using programmatic targeting to help VEP Healthcare draw a crowd at conferences
Hospitals & Health Systems
About This Project


VEP was attending one of its most important conferences of the year: the American College of Emergency Physicians annual meeting. The goal was to drive traffic to the booth and increase engagement with visitors. The problem: a significant number of large, well-funded exhibitors at the show vying for this same audience.



Bryant Brown planned, wrote, designed, and implemented a digital programmatic campaign that consisted of three approaches:


1. IP targeting at the conference center: We pushed our targeted ads to the IP addresses of all devices – phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets – using the conference center WiFi network.

2. Geo-fencing around the conference center: Attendees using their phones to surf the internet while in the “fenced” area were served our ads.

3. Retargeting for 30 days after the conference: Once we captured attendees’ mobile device IDs, we retargeted them with a series of new ads when they returned home.



The campaign has been among the most successful in VEP’s 35-year history. It garnered more than 110,000 impressions, more than 500 clicks, and a click-through rate of 0.47%—6.65 times the national average. Booth attendance was also the highest of all years the company has exhibited at the meeting.


Takeaway tip:

At conferences, focus on mobile campaigns since attendees use their phones more often than desktops or laptops.