Los Angeles Jewish Home
Learn how Bryant Brown’s healthcare marketing specialists help the Los Angeles Jewish Home deliver quality care to more seniors.
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Los Angeles Jewish Home

Advertising one of America’s largest senior health systems
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About This Project


The Los Angeles Jewish Home is one of the largest senior health systems in America (and, as a non-profit organization, offers care to people of all faiths). It provides an ever-growing breadth of services. However, it also suffers from a lack of awareness and a misperception in the general community. The Jewish community knows the Jewish Home well. But even though the Jewish Home serves patients of all faiths and offers a wealth of programs of value to the entire community, non-Jewish target audiences have a low awareness of the brand. And, due to a lack of cohesion in messaging in Jewish Home promotions, those non-Jewish target audiences who are aware of the brand perceive it as exclusively catering to Jewish patients.



Bryant Brown launched a cohesive healthcare marketing campaign promoting “Connections to Care,” the program that connects patients and family members throughout the community with the appropriate services at the appropriate juncture on the patient journey. Bryant Brown promoted “Connections to Care” – relegating the “Jewish Home” identity to secondary status in the branding hierarchy – in tactics online, on video, in print, outdoors, and at events.



Since implementing the “Connections to Care” campaign, census increased in all service lines: homecare, short-term rehabilitation, residential care, palliative care, and hospice.


Now, the Jewish Home has just opened its third campus in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.


The client also has engaged Bryant Brown Healthcare to promote its affiliate, the Annenberg School of Nursing, as well as the benefactor groups and other organizations supporting the Los Angeles Jewish Home.