See how Bryant Brown’s healthcare marketing specialists help Illumina achieve and maintain a 90% share of the world’s gene sequencing market.
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Promoting the power and the promise of unlocking the human genome
About This Project


We all hear grand stories of the power and potential of gene sequencing. However, very few people, even healthcare professionals, truly understand the methodology, applications, and range of technology options. There is a need to build awareness of genomic science as well as to generate demand – among hospital C-suite decision-makers, physicians, and researchers – for the full range of Illumina gene sequencing systems: from benchtop models to high-capacity “sequencing factories.” On a parallel path, educate both professionals and consumers about the benefits of gene sequencing.



Bryant Brown created healthcare marketing promotions online, on video, in print, and at conferences, that sell both the gene sequencing concept and the brand. The communication tactics deliver extensive content designed to educate and excite both professionals and consumers regarding the power of gene sequencing in general – the concept sell. In addition, the campaign components strategically take a “family” approach in marketing the Illumina portfolio as well as each individual product – the brand sell.



More than 90% of the world’s gene sequencing is now performed with Illumina technology.