CSL Behring
See how Bryant Brown’s healthcare marketing specialists help CSL Behring successfully promote their brands to professionals and consumers.
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CSL Behring

Launching a first
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About This Project


Generate demand from payers, healthcare professionals, and patients and caregivers for the first subcutaneous immunoglobulin for the treatment of primary immunodeficiency: Vivaglobin. This breakthrough gave patients new freedom, empowerment, and convenience.


Its dosing and administration, however, required education. Payers demanded pull-through materials for their providers and members. Physicians needed resources to educate themselves and their patients. Patients needed resources to empower themselves. (And parents of pediatric patients needed resources to teach their children.)



Conceive and create a comprehensive healthcare marketing campaign targeting physicians, nurses, pharmacists, patients, and families: the “Live the Way You Choose” program. The campaign consists of promotions of the benefits of subcutaneous administration. Additional components are educational and adherence-oriented: pocket dosing guides, reimbursement guides, self-administration how-to videos, adherence reminder apps, and more.



Vivaglobin was immediately embraced by payers, physicians, and patients, and became one of America’s top three brands in the highly competitive plasma products category. Vivaglobin led CSL Behring plasma product sales to more than $3.5 billion per year.