How Bryant Brown helped Sense Biodetection find buyers for its revolutionary COVID-19 POC product—and itself
Healthcare marketing experts Bryant Brown helped Sense Biodetection with the global launch of its Veros COVID-19 POC test…and also positioned Sense for acquisition.
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Sense Biodetection website featuring Veros COVID-19

How Bryant Brown helped Sense Biodetection find buyers for its revolutionary COVID-19 POC product—and itself

As the pandemic unfolded, Sense Biodetection developed Veros™ COVID-19. This revolutionary point-of-care (POC) diagnostic detects the virus with the speed of an antigen test (about 15 minutes) but with the accuracy of a PCR test (97.9%).

Sense’s goal was to market Veros COVID-19 globally—it received approval to market in select countries in the EU while awaiting US approval.

In the process, the company also was an attractive acquisition target.

Creating the foundation

Bryant Brown Healthcare crafted the foundational elements of the marketing campaign—the positioning and messaging of Veros COVID-19.

Once in place, we created the branding, including the memorable tagline “Know. Right. Now.”

Sense Biodetection magazine ad Irish Medical Times

Sense Biodetection ad – Irish Medical Times


A global launch

Veros COVID-19 was first approved for use in Ireland. This was followed by approvals in Germany, Benelux countries, Italy, the Nordic countries, Germany, Italy, Canada, the UK, and countries in South America.

As approvals—and excitement—grew, more and more distributors from around the world signed with Sense to sell the product.

A global partnership

In 2010, Bryant Brown and UK-based Hanson Zandi co-founded Encompass Worldwide, a global affiliation of agencies dedicated to healthcare marketing, advertising, and public relations. Encompass also has affiliates in the Asia-Pacific region, South America, and other regions.

Together, Bryant Brown and Hanson Zandi developed an ambitious marketing plan to build brand awareness and drive sales worldwide of Veros COVID-19.

Tactics included a mix of programmatic advertising, social media promotions, email campaigns, and print advertising.

The campaign targeted healthcare specialists as well as the oil and gas industry, travel industry, educational institutions, and other potential customers interested in state-of-the-art, large-scale testing.

Sense Biodetectoin brochure

Sense Biodetection brochure


Achieving another measure of success

The launch of Veros COVID-19 country by country was a success ­– sales and enthusiasm soared among both distributors and customers.

Then, just as Bryant Brown was ramping up the planned US launch of the product in 2023, Sherlock Biosciences acquired Sense Biodetection. The acquisition of Sense’s instrument-free diagnostic hardware and molecular amplification technology helps Sherlock achieve its goal of delivering rapid, accurate, and affordable diagnostic tests to people at the point-of-need.

We can’t wait for the next era in the evolution of Veros and the impact it will have on the US!


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