Connecting with Healthcare Professionals on LinkedIn
Bryant Brown healthcare marketing professionals discuss how to use LinkedIn to effectively promote your brand to healthcare professionals. Read now!
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Connecting with Healthcare Professionals on LinkedIn

Several social media networks are designed specifically to connect doctors, nurses, and pharmacists with their peers around the world. Research from HealthLink Dimensions shows that more than a third of physicians reported using social networks to communicate with their professional peers. Nearly 60% said they see the value in social media and plan to use it as a resource in the future.

LinkedIn is by far among the most effective social media channel for reaching healthcare professionals. According to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog, the social platform reaches more than 40% of physicians. In 2014, more than 4.4 million healthcare professionals and executives belonged to LinkedIn, a number that continues to grow.

The MedData Group reports that 94% of PCPs are on LinkedIn at least monthly, and 85% of specialists visit the site monthly.

So what are HCPs doing on LinkedIn? According to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog, the top 3 reasons HCPs visit the site are to:

1. Research companies and people by visiting pages and viewing profiles.

2. Engage with content through insights. This includes following influencers, reading news, keeping up with their networks.

3. Connect and communicate with peers by sending InMails and increasing connections.

Here are four effective methods to help you successfully capitalize on LinkedIn opportunities.

1. Advertise on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers numerous advertising opportunities. Sponsored Content is a popular method. It lets you run your native ad—ideally, one that provides relevant content to your audience—in the LinkedIn news feed across desktop and mobile devices.

LinkedIn also offers other tactics to help you communicate with your audience, build awareness of your brand, and establish yourself as a trusted source of information. These include a range of ad choices—video, text, dynamic, carousel, display—plus Sponsored InMail, which lets you send personalized messages to prospects.

2. Engage with groups

Healthcare professionals join industry-specific groups to engage with their peers, ask and answer questions, and network with one another. By contributing answers, opinions, and valuable insights in groups, you’ll build a reputation as a reliable information source and make new connections with potential customers and influencers.

3. Stand out as a thought leader

Establish trust as an industry thought leader by posting white papers, blogs, and other pragmatic content. Content must be posted from an individual rather than an organization. In doing this, you add a human element to the relationship and build trust by putting your face and name on the content. Take the time to respond thoughtfully to articles, white papers, and blog content posted by other industry thought leaders.

4. Get recommendations

A survey conducted by LinkedIn revealed that consumer testimonials and case studies are the two most effective marketing tactics used on the networking site. Reviews from your current and past customers can boost your credibility and help you earn new leads over time.

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